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the songs

over the years, the emotional voices of nina simone, nancy wilson, ella fitzgerald, dinah washington, billie holiday, julie london, nat king cole, just to name a few, fascinated me. i got lost in wonderment as i listened to them and felt deeply connected to their land when i reached it. i felt it inhabited their music.

in my house was recorded in 2006 in havana under the supervision of georges barbar and the musical direction of andres vadin valdes who was also responsible for musical arrangement and played acoustic guitar on all tracks.

i recorded my voice later in los angeles.


the musicians

in my house songs excerpts

carlos cuba

in my house

carlos estévez

georges barbar, carlos estevez and jose nuñez

inside the egrem studios

georges barbar, andres valdes, carlos estevez

jose nuñez, andres valdes, carlos estevez, carlos cuba

come in my house

i put a spell on you

motherless child

baby all the times


russian lullaby

the thrill is gone

let’s burn down the cornfield

i don’t know enough about you


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