the songs

born from the drawing of a man sailing on a moon shaped boat, fighting a storm, sinking to the bottom of the sea and witnessing, as time goes by, the transformation of the sea into a living desert,

the songs of mar are a collaboration between kamal kozah and percussionist georges barbar who brought to them, as he illustrated them, a very rich world of sounds, rhythms and musical architectures.

the seven songs take us seamlessly on a voyage starting with the french vagues : “ je n’ai pas vu la lune ni ses reflets d’argent jouer de vague en vague.. i did not see the moon and its silvery reflexions dance from wave to wave...”, on to the arabic ”zawraq”: a conversation between the desert and a knight riding a horse and dreaming of the sea, on to the italian ”settimana”: seven days where a whole life unfolds, on to the english ”in the dark”: a nightmare gripping you on a wandering ship, on to the spanish “sueño”and en la casa bailando sobre el the house that dances over the sea you appear to me like a moon...  on to “yergar” in armenian and the reading of a coffee cup;“yergar djunportutioun will take a long trip”... and finally on to the brazilian “mar” where a butterfly and a fisherman come back safely to shore, carried by merciful winds at sea.

andres vadin valdes is featured on acoustic guitar on some of the songs bringing additional levels of musical richness and depth of emotion to the project.

mar was recorded in lebanon and mastered in los angeles between 2002 and 2005.


mar songs excerpts




in the dark




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georges barbar directing school children in settimana

georges barbar playing his giant bar chimes featured in zawraq and with andres vadin valdes

georges barbar with the giant bar chimes he created in byblos lebanon

andres valdes and kamal kozah


georges barbar recording vagues

the musicians

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