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saher, o magico

the songs

ah ya zein

atras da porta

tres palabras

la beaute

le soleil noir


tango de l’oubli

le vin de l’assassin

je t’appelle



oh enchanter of my nights, enchanter of my days, oh you who sweeps my dreams away and colors the secrets of my life,  come back to me from faraway shores.

these are the opening lyrics to saher, the enchanter...

when i found out that andres valdes had left cuba and was in miami i thought of recording with him some of the songs i used to perform at “les deux” with richard young and marco tulio pinheiro.

saher was one of them; we used to project old footage of the desert while we performed it and the audience was mesmerized and silent. young miguel atwood fergusson and aaron malone were then on strings and improvised beautifully to the moving images. we also performed it occasionally with the martin dancers and the audience would get fired up and dance freely bringing the house down... memories.

andres valdes accepted the invitation to los angeles in august 2011 and asked carlos cuba to join him and record bass. we revisited the songs and andres re-arranged them carefully, bringing his inner passion to the music. he directed meticulously the musicians involved in the recordings starting in september 2011. sound engineer danny naim supervised the recording and the mixing of all the album tracks.


the musicians

andres valdes, chris ross, carlos cuba, kamal kozah, motoko honda and danny naim and motoko and the boys

miguel atwood fergusson

motoko honda

percussionist richie garcia with andres valdes

chris ross and drums

joel nuñez and enzo paredes


saher songs excerpts


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