the songs

i met marco tulio in los angeles in 1999. guitar player, song writer, music teacher,

rich with the knowledge of brazilian music and jazz, he nurtured me.

we spent over a decade exploring the music of great songwriters such as chico buarque, edu lobo, francis himes, leo ferre, barbara, brel, angelique ionatos, astor piazzolla, modugno, cadicamo.

we rehearsed weekly and performed occasionally in hollywood. it is in part because of marco’s extreme patience during rehearsals and his focus on the essence of songs that i developed a strong musical vocabulary, creating with him many originals over the years. two are found on this album: “si le vent” and “voeu”.

the songs of si le vent are a celebration of our collaboration. marco recorded guitar and bass for all tracks at his home studio, i laid down vocals and later richie garcia played percussion and  miguel atwood fergusson strings, all the latter recorded under the supervision of danny naim at the cave studio.

marco was responsible for most musical arrangements but for the strings arrangement in brejo da cruz created by miguel atwood fergusson.

si le vent was recorded, mixed and mastered in 2009 and 2012.



ultimo desejo

histoire d’un amour

brejo da cruz



si le vent

milonga nocturna

joana francesa

chanson d’automne


si le vent songs excerpts

marco tulio and danny naim at the cave studio in 2011

si le vent, se o vento

kamal, marco tulio and antonio santana

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