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le soir venu, l’oiseau bleu se posa sur l’arbre, une lumiere eblouissante les enroba

       at night a blue bird perched in the tree and a blinding light embraced them

the cats loved to jump and perch high over the old fence late at night, when the orchestra had tired, the music slowed and the dogs  fallen asleep dreaming of their trees. the waves were rushing to the shore.

a man riding a blue bird was catching a silent star.

i stared into the night, silently watching the boat lights vanish as they gently rocked with the waves.

i heard the music.

la lune a reve mon visage et l’oiseau m’a berce dans la nuit. il chantait.

son chant me faisait ouvrir grand les ailes et je m’envolais loin, plus haut que le jour et la nuit.

the moon dreamt my face and the bird rocked me in the night singing.

his song had me open my wings and fly away, further than night and day

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